"The greatest form of revolutionary change is not to pull down the old. It is to build the new." - Jacques Ellul


All facilites are available to guests

Casual accomodation (B&B)
  • Comfortable rooms in a modern house with shared bathrooms and lounge spaces as available.
  • Bookings are essential
  • No smoking
  • No pets
  • An evening meal is available in the community dining room Monday-Friday, by arrangement.
Per Day Single room (Bed & Breakfast): $45
Double Room (Bed and Breakfast): $70
*Costs are subject to change without notice


Long term accomodation

A fully furnished single/double room which includes broadband, linen, power, free washing machine and powder, evening meal Mon-Fri. Double Rooms are also available.

Female $190(longer than 6 wks)

Male $200 (longer than 6 wks).

Other options on enquiry.

There are a range of accommodation and meal options available for long term guests and residents.