Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. - Matt 6:33

Kodesh Community

Kodesh is an residential multicultural inter-generational urban community.

We seek to live an integrated lifestyle as an integral part of the Avondale suburb..

Both short and long term residents are welcome and at any time the community may host:


  • Refugees
  • International students
  • Travellers
  • New Immigrants
  • Students
  • Retreatants
  • Life transitions and crises
  • Guests

We offer:

  • A safe quiet environment.
  • Comfortable clean accommodation.
  • A supportive place of transition for immigrants
  • A place of refuge for those in crisis
  • A great place to make friends and improve conversational English
  • An opportunity to explore christian spirituality


A resident says: I never felt lonely for a second, always surrounded by amazing people. Dinner is a joyful moment of bonding, sharing thoughts and learning about each other. and a great example of people coming from different walks of life, religion and cultures can sit together in a fun and loving atmosphere. It is an example for the whole world, if you ask me, of how people can be considerate and respectful to others, regardless of their background.The area is beautiful and safe and every morning you wake up to an astonishing view.


"If we do not build new communities of hope and justice, the same tired solutions from the elite will offer only fleeting answers but no significant change"

Jacques Ellul.